Connoisseur of All Things Pezberry: Samchel Week: Day One - First Date


A/N: Just a short drabble for Samchel Week. I hope to have longer contributions for the other days I write. :}


Rachel practically stumbled into their first date.

Having gotten a text from Sam inviting her to hang out, Rachel waited outside of the theatre with her hands clasped in…

Title: I Just Can’t Wait to Pick You Up On Our Very First Date (Is It Cool If I Hold Your Hand?)
Category: Glee
Genre: Romance
Ship: Sam/Rachel
Rating: PG-13 | Teen
Prompt: Day #1 - First Date | Samchel Week
Word Count: 4,593
Summary: Sam’s mom been not-so-subtly suggesting he make his friendship with Rachel a little more solid since pretty much the day Rachel showed up with sugar cookies and declared herself Sam’s friend-slash-singing partner-slash-chapstick provider.


“It’s important to keep all tools related to your craft in the best possible shape, Sam. Given that you are such a strong and capable singer, even with your lack of training, you should make sure that upkeep regarding everything to do with singing is always top priority. Which means no smoking, no dairy, nothing that can damage your vocal chords, and almost as important is the visual half of things. You’re already very handsome, so it won’t take much, but since singing draws so much attention to one’s mouth, it’s important that you brush, floss, and keep your lips hydrated.”

He stared at her, his eyebrows hiked, eyes a little wide. “Um, okay…”

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Day one’s theme is “first date”. You can submit your oneshots/drabbles/edits here.